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We offer two types of classes

Regular Classes : At our school, Regular Classes are available for a variety of grade levels, including LP (Lower Primary) for years 1 to 6 and LS (Lower Secondary) for years 7 to 9. You have the option to attend these classes during our flexible campus hours. These classes are conducted on Microsoft Teams

Single Classes : offer students the freedom to choose courses that match their interests and availability. These classes are accessible via our student portal, allowing students to explore subjects such as web development and design at their own convenience.

Regular Classes

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Single Classes

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FAQ for Regular Classes

Everything You Need to Know About Regular Classes

FAQ for Single Classes

Everything You Need to Know About Single Classes

About EDUSN?

Introducing an Exciting Opportunity for Students Worldwide

Are you looking for a remarkable educational experience for your child, regardless of your location? Look no further! Our cutting-edge global school is here to offer Primary to Secondary Education to kids all over the world, right at home.

At our school, we prioritize excellence in education by providing highly skilled native English Teachers who follow the renowned UK curriculum. This ensures that your child receives top-notch education and develops fluency in the English language.

We understand the importance of accessible education for families worldwide. That's why we offer affordable school fees that are both competitive locally and internationally. You can rest assured that your child will receive an exceptional education at a price that won't break the bank.

Join us at our global school and give your child the opportunity to excel academically, develop vital skills, and become a global citizen of the future. Enroll today to embark on an educational journey like no other!


Unlocking Excellence Through Certified Teachers, Creative Lessons, and Unwavering Support

Certified Teachers

Our certified educators bring expertise and dedication to guide your
learning journey.

Creative Lessons

Engage in imaginative lessons that spark creativity, making learning enjoyable and impactful.

24/7 Customer Support

Around-the-clock support ensures your questions are answered anytime, providing uninterrupted assistance.