EDUSN Digital School Policy

1. Introduction & Purpose:

Welcome to EDUSN Digital School. Our commitment to providing a seamless educational experience is unparalleled. This policy is aimed at ensuring everyone understands and follows a standardized protocol for a conducive online learning environment.

2. Scope & Application:

This policy governs all activities, interactions, and communications occurring within the ambit of EDUSN Digital School’s virtual environment.

3. Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Students:
    • Attend classes regularly and punctually.
    • Engage in lessons actively.
    • Seek clarification when in doubt.
    • Complete assignments before deadlines.
  • Teachers:
    • Design lessons catering to online methodologies.
    • Monitor student engagement and performance.
    • Provide timely feedback.
    • Be available during designated hours for student queries.
  • Parents:
    • Ensure a stable internet connection and a quiet environment for the child's classes.
    • Monitor their children’s progress and attendance.
    • Attend parent-teacher meetings regularly.
  • Administrators:
    • Ensure the smooth running of the digital platform.
    • Handle and respond to technical issues swiftly.
    • Oversee admissions, assessments, and grading systems.
    • Ensure staff professional development in online teaching methodologies.

4. Code of Conduct:

  • All stakeholders must adhere to the following:
  • Be respectful, patient, and understanding, considering the challenges of virtual learning.
  • Offensive, harmful, or discriminatory language/actions will result in strict disciplinary action.
  • Recordings of classes are strictly for academic purposes. Unauthorized distribution is prohibited.

5. Digital Platform Use & Security:

  • Stakeholders must only use the provided official EDUSN platform for all academic interactions.
  • Login credentials are personal and confidential.
  • All users are expected to maintain strong, unique passwords and change them periodically.
  • The school will routinely provide updates on best cybersecurity practices.

6. Academic Integrity:

  • All submitted work must be original.
  • Teachers will employ various tools to check the authenticity of submitted assignments.
  • Instances of academic dishonesty will result in zero grades for the assignment, and repeated offenses might lead to more stringent actions.

7. Assessment & Evaluation:

  • Online examinations may employ monitoring tools to maintain fairness.
  • Continuous assessments, such as quizzes, projects, and assignments, will be spaced throughout the academic year.
  • Feedback will be thorough, encompassing areas of strength and areas needing improvement.

8. Communication & Collaboration:

  • EDUSN will maintain a calendar of events and important dates, accessible to all.
  • Regular updates will be communicated via official channels, including email and the school platform.
  • Parent-teacher meetings will be scheduled once every term, with provisions for additional meetings upon request.

9. Privacy & Data Protection:

  • All users' data is encrypted and stored securely.
  • Data will never be shared with third-party vendors without explicit consent.
  • EDUSN respects user privacy rights and complies with all relevant data protection regulations.

10. Dispute Resolution & Grievances:

  • Issues, if any, should first be communicated to the concerned teacher or department.
  • If unresolved, the matter can be escalated to the school administration.
  • EDUSN pledges to approach all concerns with empathy and a commitment to resolution.

11. Amendments & Updates:

As the digital landscape evolves, so will our policy. Stakeholders will be given adequate notice before any major changes. Feedback on policy changes is always welcomed and can be sent to the designated email address.